Trauma and Prostitution

en Ponencias

Dra. Ingeborg Kraus
Psicóloga clínica y especialista
en psicotraumatología

I am a Psychologist, expert in psychotraumatology and activist against prostitution. 2013 I have initiated the German Psychotraumatologists Manifesto Against Prostitution. This appeal states that prostitution is humiliating, that it is degrading, that it is an act of violence and a continuation of violence in these women’s life histories. There is no “good prostitution.” We demand a law that holds men (sexbuyers) responsible and asks for the introduction of criminalization of sex purchasers. This Manifesto has been signed by the most distinguished trauma experts in Germany, therefore the ones who shape opinions. I have hold lectures in many countries since and I propose you to hold one of the following 2 lectures (each 50 minutes):

1. Prostitution can not be regulated, it has to be abolished: 15 years ago, nearly at the same time, Sweden and Germany have chosen a complete different way how to deal with prostitution. Sweden decided to punish the sex buyers and Germany exactly the opposite. Time has gone and we can now see without any misunderstandings, which model has been the most protective for the women and the society.1

2. Trauma as Pre-Condition and Consequence of Prostitution: this lecture explains how prostitution is seen from the point of view of psychotraumatology.2




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