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Razón y Revolución is a cultural organization from Argentina, that confronts bourgeois ideology in every area of social life. Our objective is the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge on human society. For this purpose, the organization publishes Razón y Revolución, which is a Marxist and socialist magazine that includes articles written by its research groups and the most outstanding articles on Argentinian Marxism and Marxism worldwide. It also publishes El Aromo, which is a monthly cultural journal aimed at a non-academic public. RyR has its own publisher, Ediciones ryr, that prints classical Marxist works and history, sociology and art books. RyR’s scientific production is developed at the CEICS (Center for Study and Research in Social Sciences) which has research groups formed by specialists in fields such as Argentinian history, class struggle, economics, working class topics, the petite bourgeoisie, leftist parties, desaparecidos [people abducted and killed by the state during the last dictatorship], education and art. RyR also organizes dissemination activities, including seminars and university courses and different courses at grassroots assemblies, trade unions and other organizations that are characterized by their social struggle. Website: Razón y Revolución on facebook (In Spanish):

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Worse than in the 90’s – Nicolás Villanova

The “K” heritage and the social bases for the rearrangement of the picket movement. Some argue that with the victory of macrism the country will return to the 90’s. However, an examination of the main social and labour market indicators shows that in despite of the “K tale” we are… Seguir leyendo

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“There is a certain desire to read Trotsky in such an anti-Stalinist way that he is turned into a bourgeois liberal.” Presentation of «Literature and Revolution» at the National Library of the Argentine Republic.

Translated by Alejo Stark These are fragments of the presentation of our edition of Literature and Revolution which was attended by the translator of the book, Alejandro Gonzalez, as well as by Miguel Vedda and Eduardo Sartelli. Horacio González was not able to make it to the presentation due to… Seguir leyendo

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The Inheritance (part II) – by Eduardo Sartelli

Translated by Alejo Stark The left and the Kirchnerist “legacy” in the field of cultural struggle The “Kirchnerist (K) fairy tale” (or “el relato K”), the idea that the country is being contested by the austerity of the right and the nationalism and populism of the left, reproduces that same… Seguir leyendo

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From structural breakage to political reintegration of the working class: Relative surplus population layers in Argentina and their involvement in the piquetero movement – by Marina Kabat

Abstract: In this paper, we examine the different layers of the relative surplus population in Argentina and the development of the Argentinian piquetero movement, which tried to establish an alliance between employed and unemployed workers. We highlight the potentialities and the limits of this initiative, especially regarding the organisation and… Seguir leyendo

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