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Worse than in the 90’s – Nicolás Villanova

The “K” heritage and the social bases for the rearrangement of the picket movement. Some argue that with the victory of macrism the country will return to the 90’s. However, an examination of the main social and labour market indicators shows that in despite of the “K tale” we are… Seguir leyendo

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The Inheritance (part II) – by Eduardo Sartelli

Translated by Alejo Stark The left and the Kirchnerist “legacy” in the field of cultural struggle The “Kirchnerist (K) fairy tale” (or “el relato K”), the idea that the country is being contested by the austerity of the right and the nationalism and populism of the left, reproduces that same… Seguir leyendo

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From structural breakage to political reintegration of the working class: Relative surplus population layers in Argentina and their involvement in the piquetero movement – by Marina Kabat

Abstract: In this paper, we examine the different layers of the relative surplus population in Argentina and the development of the Argentinian piquetero movement, which tried to establish an alliance between employed and unemployed workers. We highlight the potentialities and the limits of this initiative, especially regarding the organisation and… Seguir leyendo

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