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Putting the blame on Imperialism – by Ianina Harari

On the development of the automotive industries in Argentina and Brazil and foreign companies. By Ianina Harari – (Translated by Leonardo Kosloff) The theory of imperialism can sometimes be a good excuse to justify ignorance. There have been attempts at explaining the economic problems in countries of late development by… Seguir leyendo

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Where did Braverman go wrong? A Marxist response to the politicist critiques – by Eduardo Sartelli and Marina Kabat

by Eduardo Sartelli1 and Marina Kabat2. Cadernos EBAPE. BR 12.4 (2014): 829-850. Braverman is considered an unquestionable reference of Marxist labour process. The objective of this paper is to show that despite Braverman’s undeniable achievements he forsakes the classical Marxist notions related to work organization, i. e. simple cooperation, manufacture… Seguir leyendo

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Fantasies of the Past. What the «imports subsitution industrialization»; was, and what it wasn´t – By Damian Bil

Damián Bil OME – CEICS (Marxist Economics Observatory – Center for Study and Research in Social Sciences) During the second half of the 19th century, Argentina inserted itself in the world market as an exporter of agricultural products. The soil fertility, the abundance of ample extensions of land close to… Seguir leyendo

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